About us

Total Construction Solutions (TCS) officially came into production on April 2019.  We saw that there was a big need in the market for custom built APU stands who are both cost efficient and diverse in usage. Our story however began way back.

Our experts have over 21 years of built up experience in steel construction work projects. During these projects we noticed an increase in companies searching for specific engine stands. Usually these stands are expensive, inefficient use of space and simply not easy to use due to the fact that you need a different APU stand for every engine model.

We wanted to create an APU stand comprised of the following cornerstones:

  • Adjustable for different size engines (easy to move with detachable casters)
  • Efficient use of storage (foldable creates and stackable design)
  • Cost efficient

We are based in The Netherlands and have a diverse team of experts who can custom design, build & ship to your specific needs. Our office is in Rijswijk which is close to the Rotterdam harbor. We work closely together with our partner EPCOR, who are internationally renown for their engineering & maintenance expertise in the aviation industry.

If you would like to know more about our team or our adjustable APU stands, you can usually find us at several trade fairs or feel free to get in touch with us through info@tcsenginestands.com or by phone +31 (0)85 018 08 36.

We look forward to show you what we can do!