APU stands

In the aviation industry there a large amount of different engine models. Most companies therefore currently have to acquire several different engine stands in order for transportation and/or storage. These APU stands are high in cost and inefficient due to their large frames. Also while transporting them they require a lot of space and don’t fit in todays world where we all want to reduce CO2 emissions globally.

After a long time of designing TCS has constructed an adjustable APU stand which can be outfitted for a multitude of engine models. The TCS APU stand can be easily transported due to having detachable casters, a foldable crate and being stackable by design. This way they take up less space during transport and are thus benificial for reducing the CO2 emissions.

The hoods (ISPM15 standard) are easy to fold out by means of piano hinges and easily attached to the TCS APU stand by means of bolts. An inspection hatch is mounted in the hoods for faster transmission to customs.

Adjustable for the following engine models

We currently have two seperate models with each being adjustable for a multitude of engine models.


By simply exchanging the suspension brackets on the base frame, the TCS APU stand can be used for:

  • GTCP 131-9A
  • GTCP 131-9B
  • GTCP 131-9C
  • APS 3200
  • APS 2300
  • APS 500 C11
  • APS 500 C14


The TCS APU XL Stand has been constructed for the larger aircraft engines and can be fitted for the following models:

  • GTCP331-350
  • GTCP331-500
  • GTCP331-600
  • APS5000
  • PW901A
  • PW980
  • HGT1700

Custom orders

Aside from our two TCS APU Stand models we will happily have our engineers help you with your custom specific needs for other type of engine stands. We like to innovate and create solutions that are tailor fit for our customers. If you don’t see your specific engine model above, feel free to challenge us!